Blog The Game is my expressive outlet on the web.  You may know me as Tortacular from various web forums, blogs and websites.  You may also know me as TTL Tortacular from the digital battlefields of Xbox Live.  I’m a video gamer, but that’s not all I am.  I play the game of life, as do we all.  I love sports.  I love books.  I love music.  I love movies.  I love TV, board games, writing, and drinking Slurpees in the dead of the Canadian winter.  You will read about all this stuff and more here at Blog The Game.

For years I expressed my opinions on a variety of sites spread over the internet, and that was fine.  Over time, I found that I desired to have one place to put all this stuff.  So I turned to the obvious solution; a blog.  It seems like a no-brainer, but I never saw myself as a blogger.  I’ve been inspired to start this blog by some of my friends, more than a handful of whom have found their own level of satisfaction and fulfillment via the blogosphere.

So here I am.  You can call me Tortacular or Tort, or if you know me well enough… well, you know 🙂

I’ll try not to swerve off the road and pitch this thing off a ravine.